i.    First Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC) for Ye Ywa Hydropower Dam Project. For RCC, low slump concrete with big aggregates has to be pumped up to a desired project space. For this purpose, normal concrete pumps wouldn’t work. We have to use a telebelt concrete placement system. APT supported this project with MODEL NUMBER(TB105). 
ii.    APT not only supply machines but also give professional consultation regarding the most suitable machines for the jobsite. For this project, we have two choices 56m reach pump truck and a placing boom with a stationary pump. Since there is a limitation for the pump truck of 56m boom length to maneuver around the jobsite, we suggested the customer to go with a stationary pump with a placing boom as shown in the photos. 
iii.    For shotcrete, we have supplied an Aliva ( MACHINE MODEL). To make it more economical for the client, we have locally mounted on a local chassis as shown in the photo.