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To seal and waterproof bridge deck and prevent from carbonation, Mapelastic (cementitious mortar for waterproofing) was applied for 2mm thickness. This will improve and increase the lifespan of the bridge and it can also withstand the extreme heat of asphalt which is at 140’C. Mapelastic is a flexible layer and it also acts a protective coating. 
For placing the bearing seats, Mapefill SP and Mapefill HS (non-shrinkage grouting cement) are used. Mapefill SP can achieve compressive strength of 25 MPa after one day and 60MPa after 28 days. Mapefill HS can achieve compressive strength of 30 MPa after one day and 80 MPa after 28 days. 
Sires BS 290 (silicon masonry water repellent) is applied at bridge piers and beams surfaces to prevent from water penetration and moss formation. 
Mapeflex PU 45 (Polyurethane based flexible sealant) is used between V Cap Joints of each precast. This helps from forming cracking due to its flexibility and weather resistance. 
For bonding between precast slab and new concrete, Eporip (epoxy bonding agent) was used. This process prevents from forming cracks due to shrinkage and expansion. 

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